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Contribute to the “Friends of 340B PAC” to give your patients and the 340B program the voice that we need in Congress!

Doctors And Nurses At The Reception Area Of A Hospital

The Friends of 340B PAC has been set up to:

  • Educate lawmakers about the importance of the 340B prescription drug discount program for patients that receive their health care services from entities that serve a significant number of low-income and vulnerable patients;
  • Help support those Members of Congress – and Congressional candidates – that support the 340B program and its role in patient care;
  • Maintain a strong, viable 340B program by promoting legislation to protect the program and opposing legislation that will adversely affect the program.

The Friends of 340B PAC is the only Political Action Committee exclusively focused on protecting and enhancing the 340B program.

The PAC gives all supporters of the program a way to maximize our clout in the political process to preserve and protect the program.  Won’t you consider contributing today to invest in the future of a strong, viable 340B program?

For more information about the PAC please contact Kathryn DiBitetto at 202-714-1233 or Kathryn.Dibitetto@Friendsof340BPAC.com.

To contribute to the PAC, please click here:

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