Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and Answers About the “Friends of 340B PAC”

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A PAC is an organization that raises money to support political candidates.

Why was the Friends of 340B PAC Formed?

The Friends of 340B PAC was formed exclusively to support Members of Congress and other Congressional candidates that support the 340B drug discount program. The Friends of 340B PAC is not connected or affiliated with any organizations.

Who can legally contribute to the PAC according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC)?

Federal Account: Contributions can be made to the PAC’s Federal Account which is used directly for campaign contributions to Federal candidates and fundraising purposes.

The Federal Account can accept up to $5,000 from:

  • Individuals;
  • Partnerships;
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) that elect partnership taxation.

The Federal Account cannot accept contributions from:

  • Corporations;
  • Private Companies;
  • LLC’s that elect corporate taxation.

Non-Federal Account: Contributions can be made to the PAC’s Non-Federal Account which helps to support the administrative costs of running the PAC.

The Non-Federal Account can accept unlimited contributions from any source.

Contributions to either account are not tax deductible.

Why Should I Contribute?

If the 340B program is important to your institution or company and the patients that it serves, then you should consider contributing to the PAC. While the 340B program has strong supporters in Congress, critics of the program have their own PACs and are regularly educating Members of Congress and their staff about their views of the 340B program. We need to use the same opportunities to educate Members of Congress about the benefits of the program. Supporters of the 340B program need to employ a similar strategy in helping to protect and preserve the program. No donation is too small, but donations of $100, $200, $500 or more are encouraged! Please click here to see contribution levels and the benefits of supporting the cause.

Which Candidates will the Friends of 340B PAC Support?

The PAC will support Members of Congress and Congressional candidates’ campaigns that support the 340B program. The PAC’s support will be bipartisan, and will focus on Members of Congress who are on Committees that primarily address 340B issues.

How much will the PAC give to a candidate?

Initially, the PAC will be able to contribute $5,200 per election cycle to a federal candidate. After the PAC qualifies as a multicandidate committee the maximum amount a PAC can give to a Federal candidate per election cycle is $10,000 ($5,000 for a primary election and $5,000 for the general election.) However, it is suggested that PACs contribute anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 to attend an individual fundraising event for a Member of Congress. The PAC will make decisions about which fundraising events to attend and how much to contribute based on various factors.

How is this different than my trade association?

While you or your institution may already be a member of an organization that is a supporter of the 340B cause, Friends of 340B can actually make political contributions specifically to members of Congress who support the program. Many of your trade groups or associations do not have PACs or do not determine contributions based on their support of 340B.

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